Questions and Answers about the Beyond Campaign


What is the purpose of the Beyond campaign?
The three main purposes are connected to our overall mission, that of forming a people that is God’s very own. Through this campaign we hope to be formed as God’s that we might listen to Him and hear His leading. Secondly, through listening to God, our hope is that He will grow us as stewards, sacrificial givers, men and women with a larger faith in Him. Finally, this campaign will provide for a basic facility to support our new congregation in Warrenville.

Why the name Beyond for this campaign?
This campaign is about looking beyond ourselves and seeing God, listening beyond all the earthly messages that strike us and hearing instead God’s voice. Looking to and listening to God, we believe we will be able to give beyond what we ever thought possible.

Why did we engage an outside consultant for this project?
Blanchard leaders, both staff and volunteers, are already working to lead one church in two locations, work that is stretching our capacity. Our consultant, from Generis, brings needed expertise and “an extra pair of hands” to guide us in an area in which we do not have expertise. Generis is helping us to create opportunities to hear what God wants to do through us – opportunities we might miss in our busyness.

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Who is leading Beyond?
Dale and Kim Showalter, part of Blanchard for 34 years, and Brian and Cheryl Baird, serving God here for 10 years, are working together to lead the Steering Committee, comprised of several additional committed Blanchard members who are leading the various functional teams of the Beyond campaign.

Is there support in Scripture for a capital campaign?
Yes, there is. Exodus 34 tells of the Israelites giving so sacrificially and generously to build the first tabernacle that Moses had to call the people to stop giving. I Chronicles 29 tells how David prepared and led the way for his son to build the first temple in Jerusalem by publicly giving massive amounts of gold and silver. Other leaders followed David’s lead and then, moved by their leaders, all of Israel gave sacrificially to build a house of prayer for all nations.

How much money do we need?
A specific goal has not yet been established because we are still working with estimates of the costs for some of the work. Our preliminary estimate, however, for work at the Warrenville site, totals just over $3.5 million. Blanchard leaders continue to pray about a specific goal for the Beyond campaign.

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How will the money be used?
Primarily, the funds will be used to purchase and remodel our Warrenville property to provide a basic sanctuary and classrooms for our new congregation.
If giving exceeds the cost of this work, we will make some modest improvements to our Wheaton facility and then fund a special missions project.

What if giving doesn’t cover the work in Warrenville?
Our goal is to fund the completion of the Warrenville property through the Beyond campaign. If giving does not reach that level, we will consider short-term debt in order to complete the property. If we use debt to complete the work in Warrenville, we will not renovate the Wheaton property or fund a special missions project at this time.

When will the remodeling work begin and when will it be finished?
Most likely, we will not begin any of the work until after our campaign, perhaps January at the earliest. The outdoor site work will have to wait until spring. It will likely take about six months to complete. If things go well, we may begin to use the facility next summer.

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How does the Beyond campaign relate to my regular giving?
In this campaign, we are asking God to guide each one of us in making a commitment to give sacrificially in addition to what we already give to other ministries at Blanchard. While giving regularly to God’s current work at Blanchard, we want to give beyond this present work to support a new work in a new community.

Do I have to make my Beyond gift right away?
Several options for giving will be offered, ranging from an immediate gift in one lump sum to pledges that may be fulfilled over three years.

How can I stay in touch with the progress of the campaign?
Our Web site,, will provide regular updates on the Beyond campaign. Upcoming events, personal testimonials and giving updates will be posted there. Also, frequent updates during worship services and by mail are scheduled. Questions may be asked, anonymously if preferred, via an “I have a question” card available to all Blanchard attendees.