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Image of two people working on computerThe services offered by LegalSolutionsInternational LLC have been developed with a view toward providing high quality, low cost solutions to law firm and corporate law department clients with legal needs in such diverse areas as civil and criminal litigation, intellectual property, and corporate, regulatory and transactional matters.

LSI recognizes that most legal projects are not “cookie cutter” or “boilerplate” in nature. With this in mind, LSI’s U.S.-based senior management team and professional advisors include highly qualified lawyers with significant experience in most areas of the law who are available to meet with clients to develop a clear understanding of assigned tasks and the specific needs of such clients before the tasks are assigned for handling. These individuals then work closely with their counterparts to assure that projects are performed in a manner consistent with the needs and expectations of LSI’s clients.

Summary descriptions of the services offered by LSI follow:

Temporary Professionals
LSI has developed a network of attorneys with varying levels of experience and, in many cases, specialized skills who are available to work on specific projects for law firms and corporate law departments. Attorneys provided by LSI are employees of LSI, but work under the direct supervision and control of LSI’s clients.

Legal Research and Drafting
LSI is able to provide legal research and drafting services in all principal areas of the law. Whether clients need an in-depth memorandum with respect to a particular issue of law, a formal pleading or a brief, LSI can supply the research, fact-and-issue analysis, and the written work product required on a project-by-project basis. Legal research and drafting services are not limited to litigation support. LSI is able, for example, to perform legal surveys for clients whose business activities are restricted by, or otherwise subject to, federal or state laws or regulations affecting such activities. LSI also is able to provide contract drafting services for its clients.

Patent-Related Services
LSI’s experts include lawyers and scientists with the experience and expertise to prepare patent applications for filing and prosecution in the USPTO in a wide range of disciplines. The areas of technical expertise possessed by LSI’s experts include biotechnology, computer science, electronics, chemistry, pharmaceuticals and mechanical engineering.

Document Coding, Search and Review Services
Services involving document coding, searches and reviews are available in support of so-called big case litigation and transactional matters. Document coding services include both objective and subjective coding with the particulars of such services dictated by the needs of the client. Document search and review services are available to support the needs of clients in a wide range of circumstances. Examples include the identification of documents that may be legally privileged and protected from production in litigation and the review, summarization and segregation of documents for litigation, due diligence or other transactional purposes. Document review services in support of transactional due diligence may include reviews and summaries of leases, loan documents, mortgages and other types of commercial agreements.

Electronic Data Discovery and Collection
Through a strategic alliance that it has established with a leading litigation support firm, LSI’s search and review services include electronic data discovery and collection services, as well as computer forensics services.

Ancillary Services
In addition to the other services described, LSI is able to provide a number of ancillary services, including proofreading, word processing, document translation and business valuation services for its clients.