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What is LSI?

Photo montage of man on phone, computer, clock and globe imagesLSI is a valuable resource for law firms and in-house counsel seeking ways to improve performance, increase efficiency and reduce costs. Through an innovative collaboration of legal, staffing and technology experts here in the United States and overseas who are committed to the proposition that many support services for lawyers can and should be performed at significantly reduced costs without compromising quality, LSI offers law firms and corporate law departments an attractive alternative to the high costs and uncertainties associated with hiring additional professional staff or being dependent on overpriced service providers.

Law firms and corporate law departments can better manage their permanent staffing needs, and all the direct and indirect costs and uncertainties that flow from staff increases, by using LSI. In certain cases, law firms can also improve their profit margins and reduce risk by working with LSI. LSI offers corporate law departments a way to greatly reduce the expense of using regular outside counsel or other vendors to handle support functions that can be better and more economically handled by other service providers.

How can LSI offer its services at reduced prices? In part, the answer lies in LSI’s decision to rely upon a small group of managers and advisory personnel, utilize the services of contract professionals and eliminate wherever practicable unnecessary overhead.

LSI’s ability to provide high quality support services at reduced prices also derives from LSI’s strategic relationships with its overseas partners. LSI’s partners currently include highly qualified attorneys and other professionals in India. LSI’s India connections include three of India’s most prominent law firms, or their BOP affiliates, and one of India’s premier back office processing companies. These relationships assure LSI the ability to deliver services of the highest quality at prices that are significantly lower than the costs of comparable services in the U.S.


LSI is not a law firm and does not engage in the practice of law. Services are provided by LSI only for attorneys who are duly licensed to practice law in their respective jurisdictions. Such attorneys are solely responsible for the final review, approval and use of all work product derived from the performance by LSI of services assigned to it.