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Why LSI?

Access and hands on participation by LSI’s senior management, professional advisors and legal, staffing and technology experts with whom LSI has strategic relationships translate to a successful definition of projects to be undertaken by LSI and efficient, timely and cost-effective results.

LSI's senior management and professional advisors are leading authorities in their respective practice areas. Similarly, LSI’s domestic and overseas partners include legal, staffing and technology experts from prominent firm
s that enjoy an international reputation for excellence in service.

LSI is committed to providing its clients with the most advanced technologies available in the marketplace to assure the provision of superior and timely services. LSI is able to scan and transmit (in editable form) significant volumes of data. LSI is able to use video teleconferencing to assist clients in communicating visually with those overseas professionals who are working on their projects and as a means to facilitate the training and education of such professionals.



Client Confidentiality
LSI places the highest priority on the protection of client data entrusted to it. To ensure the confidentiality of client information, LSI and its partners perform thorough background checks on all personnel employed by them, provide for comprehensive site security at their facilities and permit access to client information and files on a strict “need-to-know” basis that is controlled and monitored by the use of employee and client passwords.

Providing high quality support services to the legal community at costs that are significantly below the costs that clients would otherwise incur is LSI’s raison d’etre. LSI strives to design compensation arrangements with its clients that achieve that objective and serve as the basis for strong, long-term working relationships with such clients.