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Our Mission

MWANGA PRODUCTIONS: As an independent film and video maker, Richard’s aim is to produce media within the culture where these media are to be used, in order that they will have the greatest impact upon their viewers.

Mwanga--Swahili word meaning “light”

Having lived in Africa more than 55 years, Richard feels that he
can utilize his experience in film and video production, together with his lifelong exposure to the culture to produce media of high quality; media that is also relevant and meaningful to African audiences.

His resume shows that he has produced

  • nine (9) 16mm films

  • ten (10) videos

He has also assisted in the production of

  • another seven (7) 16mm. films and

  • written scripts for five (5) other productions

As a free-lance producer, Richard continues this work in affiliation with World Gospel Mission, Marion, IN, and AGC MEDIA Productions of Kericho, Kenya, E. Africa.




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