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Photos from Pelendo production
This is the first of several pages of production photos with captions. By
scrolling all the way to the bottom of the page, you can find a link to the
next page of photos.

Our vehicles and loads as we arrive at the Kala guesthouse, which will be our base
for about two weeks.

Scene from the video: Following the Sunday service at Kala church, the missionary
couple assure Pelendo of their prayers as he will be taking his family to a distant
village to evangelize and establish another church.

We're loaded up again, moving now to Tandala our main base for the last two weeks of filming. It will take us almost 12 hours to drive the 225 miles!

Ann, the missionary lady with two wonderful, sweet, juicy pineapples that were a delicious addition to our menu! Ann, who was the "missionary wife" in the film, also worked with the crew as "script girl," and dialogue coach for the other actors.

A Kala sunset... looking across the Oubangi River.


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