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(Telly Award Recipient)
At a wild celebration of a winning football match Sara's friends break her mother's very special teapot, taken without permission. Later that same night Sara breaks God's command for purity when she agrees to sleep with her boy friend David and ends up pregnant. How will she ever cover up these broken pieces of her life? Sara is torn between aborting the baby in order to hide it from her parents, or keeping it and struggling to survive as a single mother. Sent away by her father when he discovers her deception, Sara attempts suicide! But a serious accident causes Sara, David, and her father to forgive and put Christ first in their lives! Like teapots, teenagers are pure and flawless at first. But careless accidents do happen. The damage can be repaired, but the cracks, the scars will remain. Only God's grace can deal with the hurt. Produced and directed by Richard Adkins, in Kenya, E. Africa. An AGC Media Production -- 62 minutes.

George, high school student, has been looking forward to vacation time. He finds that his father has planned for him to help with the farm work at home, particularly the construction of a new granary. But George wants to spend time with his friends at the village market. He looks for excuses to slip away and meet his friends. He also tries to seduce a beautiful girl, but she spurns his efforts His friends introduce him to the pleasures of drinking, smoking, and gambling. Little by little he gets more involved in these activities... going down a slippery path, from which he finds it difficult to return. He steals money from his father to feed his habits. Law officers almost catch him in illegal drinking. When his best friend commits suicide, George decides that he too must take this way of escaping his growing troubles. When he fails to hang himself, Christian schoolmates find him and introduce him to Jesus Christ who is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Produced by Teen Missions Film Team, directed by Richard Adkins in Kenya, E. Africa - A Ken Anderson Films Production -- 32 minutes.

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