Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How is nb! different from Fantasy Baseball?

A: Fantasy baseball usually means choosing players who are currently playing MLB and following them throughout the actual season. One’s players, then, accumulate performance points as the season progresses culminating in a grand tally at the end. Nostalgia Baseball, on the other hand, is a baseball simulation program. Each owner will form their team and play a full season’s worth of games against teams compiled by other owners. This requires the owner to field a complete team (defensive substitutions, pinch hitters, relief pitchers, etc.). Although individual- and team-based performance statistics will be generated and tallied by the software (and can be analyzed for strategy), the only statistics that ultimately matter in Nostalgia Baseball are team wins and losses – just like in real baseball.

Q: How much will it cost me and how will I pay?

A: Right now, while the automation system is being finished, it is only $8.00 per season. This will probably change once the programming upgrades are finished. Payment will be transacted using Paypal.

Q: Why can't I select current players like Austin Kearns and Ichiro for my teams?

A: The creators of Nostalgia Baseball have decided not to gather data on players after the 1999 season. They may, at some time in the future, expand their database to include more recent statistics, but for now they have decided to focus their energies on the simulator program and not the database.

Q: Whom do I contact if I have questions?

A: If you are already in a league, you can contact your league’s commissioner. Their email is accessible from the program. If you are not yet in a league, you may send a message to the creators by clicking here or the “contact” link on the opening web page of this site.

Q: Can I own and manage multiple teams?

A: Because the constant flow of teams in and out of league can be disruptive, the creators of Nostalgia Baseball! will only allow one team per player until that player has shown themselves to be a reliable owner. [See “Owner Status” section of the handbook]

Q: How often are games played?

A: Games are run twice a week (six games each run). Currently this is the only style of game management available. As Nostalgia Baseball develops the creators would like to offer a variety of styles (e.g., once a week, everyday)

Q: How will I find out the results of games?

A: As an owner, you will be notified of the playing schedule. After the time of play has passed, owners can launch their software and download the latest information. Simply click the FTP Server menu option, select “game sets” and then select the most recent set. Within seconds your software will be updated with the latest results and statistics.

Q: How can I get software updates?

A: Software updates are also accessible from within the software. Simply click the FTP server tab and choose the update software option.

Q: Are the games played online?

A: The games are not played online. They are played on a computer that houses the simulator.

Q: Do you supply instructions with the software?

A: Help files are embedded into the software. They are very thorough and should answer most questions about how the simulator works.

Q: How much time is this going to take?

A: At first, there are two objectives that require some time. A new owner will need to become familiar with how to use the software and will need to do a significant amount of drafting for their inaugural season. This requires researching players in order to make informed choices concerning whom to draft. However, thanks to the beauty of extended contracts, each additional season will require less and less time drafting. Once the season gets started, it doesn’t take much time at all. If you wish to make a lot of trades and consistently tweak your lineups and managerial settings, it may take a bit more time. However, when an owner becomes familiar with the software and develops their own strategy, the time needed to maintain your club continues to diminish. Most experienced owners spend less than one hour a week maintaining their team.

Q: Can I use a Mac computer?

A: The nb! software requires the Windows platform. If your Mac can run Windows programs it should work. There are currently several owners who use Mac’s with little to no difficulty.

Q: Is the entry fee for each season, or for one time only?

A: The fee to play Nostalgia Baseball is on a per season basis. However, once ownership status is improved this fee will be reduced somewhat.

Q: What do I get if I win the World Series?

A: For starters, you get your name recorded on our “winners” board. Winning a World Series also improves your ownership status, making it easier for you to get into a more established league. Also, you get to play the next season for free!

Q: Is there a rulebook?

A: The Help files, which come with the software, currently serve as the rulebook.

Q. Where did you get the vintage baseball photos for your front page?

A. They are used under a special arrangement with Mipakako Images, a provider of vintage and current baseball and sports photos. For further information about their products, please visit their website.